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new shows monthly at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Frequently Asked Questions
What is MHSF exactly?

MHSF is a live comedy show with a movie as the back drop. We show movies that we think are good to make fun of and we sit in the back with microphones and do just that for the duration of the movie. To repeat: WE TALK DURING THE MOVIE.

But we don't just talk! We also add new sound effects, change the soundtrack etc.

Think of our shows as less going to a movie and more going to a comedy theater show with the film as a backdrop. Or just come see for yourself. You'll love it!

Can I bring my kids?

How fast do you want them to grow up? We generally say our shows are rated R for the most part but why are you asking stand-up comics for parenting advice anyway?

How can I suggest a movie for you to do?

Just send us an email: We get lots and lots of suggestions but you never know.

Do you sell alcohol at the shows?

But of course. Oskar Blues beer at every show.

Should I shout out jokes during the movie?

No. Really, just let us do the show. There are always times we want the audience to shout out, sing, and otherwise get involved, but we'll tell you when to do that. But just shouting your ideas out constantly is heckling , and heckling is for assholes. So be cool and just enjoy the show.