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If you have been a fan of Mile High Sci Fi now Mile High Movie Roast you know that we have spent the last 10 yrs wishing we could get our hands on a Chuck Norris movie jem. So here it is "Invasion U.S.A." This will be epic. Get tickets now before we sell the f out.

Invasion U.S.A
Invasion U.S.A Poster
January 20th @ 7:30 pm
Alamo Drafthouse

All Shows are now seen at the greatest theater ever. The Alamo Drafthouse.

The Alamo Drafthouse
The Alamo Drafthouse Poster
June 25th @ 9:00 pm
Alamo Drafthouse

MIle High Sci FI would like to thank all of our sponsors. If not for them this show wouldn't exsist, and we would always be sober.

Thank You!
Thank You! Poster
November 4th @ 7:44 pm
Alamo Drafthouse

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